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Welcome to Dino and Santino's

From the beginning, Dino’s & Santino’s has been all about family. Coming from a long line of successful restaurateurs, Dino opened the original Dino’s on the corner of California and Fillmore in 1988 with the help of his mother, Koula.

Since the restaurant’s opening, the family at Dino’s has continued to grow with each passing year. The Dino’s staff is an extension of this family, with some members having been with the restaurant since the day it opened. Walk in on any day and you’re likely to see Dino’s uncle Nick behind the counter with all of the servers referring to him as ‘Uncle Nick’. This familial bond is what has kept Dino’s alive for so long, serving the community it also considers part of the oikogéneia (Greek for family).

The story of Dino’s connection to family took an incredible turn in 2011 when Dino’s son Santino was born. The little guy became a big part of the restaurant from the moment he first came into the world, and for that reason, the restaurant evolved into Dino’s & Santino’s in 2013.

Thank you for dining with us and joining the oikogéneia here at Dino’s & Santino’s.

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